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Long Arm Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


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Applications for stitching Golf Bags, Fishing Bags, Suitcase, Leather Bags, Handbags, baseball Gloves, Suitcase Handles, Saddles, Leather Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Leather Armchairs, Leather Recliners, Bags, Sports Products, Safety Bags, Tents, Seats, Soft Cushions, Harness,Leather Shoes, Safety Harness, Filters, Sheath, Footwear, Car Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, Aeroplane Upholstery, Yacht Upholstery, Furniture Upholstery, Polyester Lifting Slings, Safety Belts, Military Belts, Softball Bags, Backpacks, Cargo Straps, Industrial Bags, Industrial Safety Products, Tire Covers and Armchairs border etc..Long Arm, Cylinder Bed, Triple Feed, Walking Foot, Compound Feed, Large Shuttle Hook, Large Bobbin, Alternating Presser Feet, Extra Heavy Duty, Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Product Details:Long Arm Cylinder Bed Walking Foot Triple Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

FOXSEW Long Arm Cylinder Bed Extra Heavy Duty Triple Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Leather Upholstery and Webbing Slings Stitching and Decorative Seaming, for Harness and Automotive Interior Trims, Golf bags, Leather Sofas, baseball Gloves, Suitcase Handles, Luggage Case.
Long Arm Extra Heavy Duty Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Sewing Machine for Heavy Leather and Upholstery Fabrics
Long Arm Cylinder Bed Leather Sewing Machine for Saddle and Harness, for Golf Bags and Upholstery and Webbing Slings
Long Arm Cylinder Bed Upholstery Sewing Machine for Leather Sofas with Extra Thick Threads
Long Arm Cylinder Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for Golf Gags Filters and Upholstery
Applications: Golf Bags, Filter Bags, Tents, baseball Gloves, Leather Sofas, Webbing Slings, Automotive Interior Trims, Leather Shoes, Saddles, Safety Harness, Filters, Footwear, Car Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, Furniture Upholstery,Polyester Lifting Slings, Safety Belts, Military Belts, Golf Bags, Softball Bags, Backpacks, Cargo Straps, Filters, Industrial Bags, Industrial Safety Products, Tire Covers and Chairs Border etc.

Features: At the base of up-down Synchronized feeding material , we develop the up feeding materials single system which is distinguished from the down feeding materials , to make feeding materials desynchronized, as the specialized equipment of flap cover, it adds the versatility and practicality in sewing heavy materials.
The lift of presser foot is up to 20MM, suitable for sewing the extra heavy-weight materials, movement of presser foot can be infinitely. Sewing area can be 635mm, suitable for large, high and cylinder products.

Large barrel shuttle reduces the times of thread changes and raises sewing efficiency. Suitable for stitching handles, tool bag, safety belt, leather belt, tent, cushion, bags, shoes etc including one set of presser, instead of the imported sole out seam stitch, This machine is stable performance, easy to use, multi-functional.

Model NO.:FX-205-635
Max. Sewing Speed:800r.p.m
Operating Space:635mmx185mm
Stitch Length:1-12mm
Presser Foot Lift:20mm
Diameter of Cylinder:81mm
Needle Type:DYx3 #26-#28
Bed Type: Small Cylinder Bed
Presser Foot:Walking Foot
Feed System:Compound Feed, Triple Feed
Hook: Large Barrel Shuttle Hook
FOXSEW Long Arm Cylinder Bed Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine

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