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About us

As the political situation in African countries gradually stabilizes and the economy begins to get on track, the people's living standards are constantly improving. The massive investment in infrastructure in Africa and the influx of local and multinational companies have spawned huge market demand, especially in terms of mechanical and construction equipment.


While China's high-quality and inexpensive construction machinery and mining products have won Africa's favor, second-hand machinery and equipment have also become popular in Africa by virtue of their price advantages.


With the fastest development of China's economy, China is transforming from MADE IN CHINA to CREAT IN CHINA. This will inevitably eliminate a lot of second-hand machinery and equipment, most of which are disposed of at very low price.


Follow Japanese used car business model, why can't we turn waste into treasure, and let this obsolete equipment continue to create value for mankind in this world.


The African people are hardworking and smart, like what happened in China in the 1990s, there was an urgent need for a lot of equipment to process and manufacture a variety of products. Africa has unique resources, but there are not so many funds to purchase processing and manufacturing equipment. People here want to buy cost-effective equipment, but they suffer from no available source. Even if they see through some platforms, it is a difficult process to place an order. For example: Ugandan merchant A wants to buy Chinese factory B The packaging machine worth 3,500 US dollars which is used to pack coffee, but A needs to fly to China to check the equipment and buy with confidence. The round-trip cost with food and accommodations is 5,000 US dollars, which is really a waste of money.


In summary, we feel that it is necessary to establish a platform to show China's high-quality second-hand equipment to customers in Africa who want to start or expanding their businesses.


We establish after-sales service locally to customers, so that customers have no worries about consulting, placing orders or after-sales.


We will set up after-sales service companies in East Africa, West Africa, and South Africa to solve the above-mentioned customer concerns.