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Chicken Farm House Automatic Pan Feeder Line Price Broiler Feed Auger Breeding Feeding Machine


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Chicken Farm House A


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UL, QS, GMP, ISO9001:2008, CE

Shandong U-Best Husbandry Equipment Co.,Ltd
We are professional leading manufacturer and supplier of poultry farm equipment in China! Our equipment has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification ,CE and PC Certification By SGS/Soncap/SASO! We have our own production line so we can control the quality very well! Our poultry equipment has been exported to more than 40 countries and have good market reputation! We have many different project of chicken farm in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, UAE, Lenanon, Palestain, Qatar, Kosovo, Pery, Columbia, Honduras, Dominica Republic, Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Australia and Fiji etc.
Product Description

1.Main feeding line system

Silo/manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line. There is a feed sensor at the end of main feed

linewhich controls motor on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.

Components of main feed line system


Material:Galvanized sheet;Capacity:2.5T to 27T;Silo boot: one/two/three/four outlet

(2).Driving motor

Power:0.75kw, 380V, 50HZ, three phase, AC current

(3).Feed conveying pipe

Diameter: 75*3.6mm, Material: PVC; Auger from South Africa,

Feeding abality: 1400kg/h

(4). Feed Level sensor

Germany IFM feed level sensor.

2.Automatic Pan Feeding line system

There is a pan feed sensor at the end of each feeding line which controls motors

on and off to achieve automatic feed delivery.

Compononts of pan feeding line system

(1).Feeder pan

14grills,330mm dia;40-50birds;100%PP,Pan expension: 4pans/3m

(2).Delivery feed pipe

45mm diameter


Transport speed:450kg/h


70kg,1.0mm thickness,galvanized sheet

(4).Feed sensor

Germany IFM sensor or Israel Agologic sensor

(5). Drive motor

Power:0.75kw/1.1kw/1.5kw, Voltage:380/220V three phase or 220V single phase


(6).Hanging system

(7).Anti-roost system

3.Automatic nipple drinking line system

This system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of poultry.

The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking


Components of nipple drinking line system


360 degree action triggering;SS body, plastic shed.

(2).Drip cup

PP material, one arm or two arms

(3).Water Pipe

PVC 22mmx22mmx2.2mm light resistant


One outlet, two outlet

(5).Front part of watering system

water meter,reulator,etc


French Doser

(7).Anti perching system

(8).Hanging system

4.Automatic ventilation system

This system controls climate conditions,fresh air,humidity and temperature in poultry shed. It is vital for

growingbirds,includingair inlets,axial flow fan and butterfly cone fanfor your choice.

Exhausts fan

(1).Model: Centrifugal box fan;Hanging fan;Shutter/Butterfly cone fan;Speed vaiable fan.

(2).Size: 24'',36'',50''

(3).Motor: Chinese brand and Siemens Brand available

(4).Blade: Stainless Steel

Air inlets

(1).Use: with hood type for breeder; with mesh type for broiler

(2).Winch: Manual or Auto.

5.Cooling pad system

The longitudonal way of cooling-fan ventiliation is the most economical and effective way to reduce

temperature of chicken house in summer.


Hygroscopicity, Dry solution, Non-porous surfaces.

Cooling pad system

(1).Thickness:100mm, 150mm

(2).Width: 300mm, 600mm

(3). Height:1660mm,1960mm,2160mm

(4).Angel:45/45 degree, 15/45 degree

(5)Water pump: 220v, 0.6kw or 0.8kw or 1.1kw

6.Spray & disinfecting system


It is effectively tools for cooling, damping, dedusting, disinfecting the chicken farm shed.


-Instant cooling but not wet.

-Large flow high pressure, good atomization, and corrosion resistance.

-Increase the humidity to the preset range according to the requirements--60 to 70 percent of the

maximum relative humidity.

-Effectively prevent the dust, and reduce respiratory diseases of livestock and poultry.

-Disinfect with chickens.

7.Environment control system

This system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimumgrowth

environmentofthe chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to

the local climate andraisingenvironment.

8.Heating system

Heating poultry house when it is needed to satisfy the temperature demand of chickens at different

growth stage.

(1).Hot-blast heater of coal or diesel

(2).Poultry gas heater

(3).Infrared gas brooder

(4).Electricity heater

Company Profile

We have lots of construction projects home and abroad, our sales volume in Philippine market is NO.1, we are

the bestand the most reliable supplier in this area,our company also have exported to many countries such as

Asia area:Sri Lanka,Pakistan, Bangladesh,Palestine,Lebanon,Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar,Uzbekistan,Afghanistan,Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia..

Africa area:Sudan,Algeria, Kenya,Zambia,Nigeria,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,Mauritius,Namibia,Mali..

South America client:Honduras,Costa Rica,Haiti,Dominican,Trinidad and Tobago,Colombia,Peru,Chile,Paraguay,Guyana..

Oceania area:Australia,Fiji,Papua new guinea...

European area:Kosovo. Portugal, Spain, Italy...

All get good feedback.In addition, our company is recruiting global agents, welcome you to join us with our utmost andwarm expectation.If you need more specific information, please contact us , we will provide

youprofessional and detailedsolving plans.


1. Q: I need a complete set poultry farm equipment, and also need a best price, what should I do?
A: pls let us know: (1). Chicken House Size (length x width x height).
(2). If for Broiler Chicken, Quantity and Final Weight to Sell in Market.
(3). If for Breeder or Layer, Rearing Density or Target Breeder/Layer Quantity(Quantity of Female and Male).
(4). Maximum and Minimum Temperature of Farm Location.
(5). House Type: close type of two side bricks building wall with 36" fans and air inlets, or open type of using curtain in two sides.

2. Q: what's the material of feeding pan and feeding pipe?
A: the material of feeding pan is 100% PP. the material of feeding pipe is galvanized pipe.

3. Q: how long is the life of your products?
A: more than 15 Years.

4. Q: Do you have any certificate?
A: ISO9001: 2008/CE/PC Certification By SGS/Soncap/SASO. 5. Q: Sample available? A: yes. but the client pay for the freight fee.

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