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Visual inspection machine


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Visual inspection ma


Ampoule light inspec


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Product details
detection product type:
Freeze-dried powder, powder needle, water needle, oral liquid, eye drops
In-section speed:
400 bottle/mins, 700bottle/min
Illumination of light source:

In the automatic light inspection, the design of the opto-mechatronics system is reflected.

For example, in the structural design of the automatic light inspection, the staff optimizes the system structure design according to the daily workload, adjusts the system design parameters timely, and learns the time needed to consume foreign body processing in time by taking serial images. The four light inspection machines run at the same time. In the application of the system, the workers use the computer-controlled mode to strengthen the analysis, processing and judgment of the product image, complete the high-intensity mechanical work in time, to use the speed sensor and accept the servo system to feedback the work signal, and make scientific control of the corresponding light source. Industrial control computer and communication equipment running at the same time, the workers use the camera timely for station detection, light source point control, thereby obtaining the backlight stroboscope time, and fill in the image information acquisition card in time, using the bus access function of the computer system, judge whether the product is qualified or not in time, and to improve the function of the opto-mechronics control system in futher.

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