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Yuchai diesel generator set


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Yuchai diesel genera


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Stanford, Marathon, Lelay-Somar
Advantages of Yuchai generator set:

1. Yuchai generator set adopts the original engine, with reliable performance, stable quality and long service life.

2. Yuchai generator set is made of high-strength structural steel and special welding technology, with light weight, small size and low fuel consumption.

3. Yuchai generator set has a high degree of automation and simple and convenient operation.

4. Yuchai generator set can be equipped with a fully automatic control screen and remote monitoring device according to the needs of users.

5. Yuchai generator assembles a generator comprehensive protector with automatic protection function; and has an oil cooling system with super overload capacity; at the same time, it is equipped with diesel engine electronic speed regulator, electronic throttle control system, fully automatic electric start cabinet and other equipment.

6. It can adapt to the ambient temperature between -50°C and 40°C.

7. The reliability design of the whole machine has reached the international level.

8. The whole series of supporting supply of oil filter elements and fuel filter elements.

9. Provide ordinary and automated options according to the different needs of customers.

10. Low noise, low vibration, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, and affordable price.
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