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Airborne Particle Counter


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Product name:
Airborne Particle Counter
Particle counting channel:
220VAC 50/60Hz

Y09-8A laser dust particle counter is a device for measuring particle dust with a sampling flow rate of 1CFM. As a particle count, the particle data of 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10μm 6 channels are displayed in real time, and the cumulative particle number and particle concentration value of the 6 channels can be switched to display after a sampling period. It is comparable to some expensive equipment. Built-in long-life laser diode, efficient light collection elliptical lens, unique optical system to provide high accuracy and concentration measurement range. Built-in high-efficiency vacuum pump, constant velocity sampling head, micro-processing circuit, computer interface, all information is displayed on the LCD screen.

Y09-8A laser dust particle counter (28.3L/min) is used to measure and analyze the size and quantity of dust particles in a unit volume of air in a clean environment, and is a testing instrument to determine the cleanliness level of a clean environment according to standards. It is widely used in the inspection of clean workshops in health, optics, chemistry, food, cosmetics, electronics, biological products, aerospace and other companies.

Particles in the air will scatter when irradiated by light. This phenomenon is called light scattering. Light scattering is related to factors such as particle size, light wave wavelength, particle refractive index, and light absorption characteristics of particles. But in terms of the intensity of scattered light and particle size, there is a basic rule that the intensity of scattered light of particles increases with the increase of the surface area of the particles. In this way, as long as the intensity of the scattered light is measured, the size of the particles can be inferred, which is the basic principle of the light scattering particle counter.

Display method

Display method

Max. counting range


Sampling flow


Self-purification time


Operating hours

8 hours

Maxi.sampling concentration

35000 pcs/L



Overall Size (mm)


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