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Small hydraulic station


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  • Corporate nameJinan Hengwen Machinery Co., Ltd
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Business card

Jinan Hengwen Machinery Co., Ltd

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品牌(Brand):恒稳HengWin                 型号Model:HWM-YBZ                 种类Type:液压动力系统Hydraulic power system    

电机功率Power:2.2kw                            额定压力Rated pressure:16MPa        额定流量Rated flow:4.8    

油箱容量Tank capacity:25L        适用介质Applicable media:液压油Hydraulic oil          公称压力Nominal pressure:16MPa    

材质Materia:铁iron  铝aluminium    铜copper        接管口径Pipe Size:14mm        适用温度Applicable temperature-20-50℃    

适用范围Scope of application:升降机等Elevator,   etc    

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