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The African project site is used to reclaim wasteland and grow vegetables for the war epidemic

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Core tips:(correspondent Zhang Yi) the Upstream Hydropower Station in lusiwa West, Zambia, contracted by CMEC is located in t

(correspondent Zhang Yi) the Upstream Hydropower Station in lusiwa West, Zambia, contracted by CMEC is located in the mountainous area of northeast Zambia. All living materials of the project personnel need to be regularly purchased from Lusaka, the capital 550 kilometers away, and transported back to the project site after a 10 hour drive.

The covid-19 pneumonia outbreak in covid-19 in March is spreading rapidly worldwide. The new crown pneumonia cases have been confirmed in Zambia, and the local epidemic prevention and control situation is aggravating. According to the emergency response plan for epidemic prevention and control formulated by the project, the project department timely purchased the necessary materials for life that can last for 4 months, but the vegetables can not be preserved for a long time. How to ensure sufficient vegetable supply has become a difficult problem in the logistics work during the closed management period. In order to reduce the risk of personnel infection caused by external procurement, the project department shall mobilize all employees to carry out reclamation and vegetable planting activities.

The staff cultivated vegetable fields on the hillside next to the camp, used the sheep manure collected nearby to bury the base fertilizer, raise seedlings, transplant, build a sunshade, watered and weeded in their spare time every day, and planted beans, cucumbers, lettuce, green vegetables, water spinach, shallots, sweet potato seedlings, red and white radishes and other vegetables. After more than 50 days of planting and care, cabbage, beans and shallots can be picked and eaten. The project department is ready to start the second batch of vegetable planting. Cultivating vegetables in spare time not only provides a guarantee for the on-site vegetable supply, but also plays an important role in alleviating the pressure and anxiety of employees.

In view of the successful experience of the project site in Zambia, the project site of Moken hydropower station in Cameroon also began to organize reclamation and vegetable planting activities. At present, the vegetable field has been reclaimed, the rapeseed has been sown, and the sunshade has been built. Fresh vegetables can be provided to the on-site staff soon.

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