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At the beginning of 21st century, blow molding technology in China was not mature, and blow molding industry did not rise widely. The old chairman saw the development prospect of blow molding industry. On a summer afternoon in 2002, The old chairman MR HUANG was drinking tea and thinking about how to solve the plastic pot blowing scheme in China.

The old chairman finally developed a manual blow molding machine after 3 months of investigation, thinking, exploration and practice. After the market test, received a very good market effect, because the technology is novel, make up for the gap in the market, the model was rapidly spread in the domestic, so the domestic machine soon replaced the import machine and continue to go high.

The old chairman led a professional team into the blow molding project research and development. In 2004, after the joint efforts of everyone, Yi Sunda company was established, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of blow molding machines.

In 2006, seeing the huge space of market development, the old chairman proposed to rely on technological progress and structural adjustment to improve the equipment level and suggested that the plastic industry should rely on scientific and technological progress and adhere to technological innovation. Therefore, under the leadership of the old chairman, the company hired new generation of technical talents ,they whom around the technical innovation topic, continuous 3D drawing, practice, testing. We did changes like changed the original chain drive, manual clamping mold into motor drive, pneumatic drive, hydraulic clamping mold. Apply electricity and gas to the blow molding machine. Such innovation and improvement, greatly improve production efficiency, received the favor of domestic customers.Year of 2006 is a historical year with magnificience. We listen to customers’ feedback while developing and use the feedback to update and improve the machine, gradually forming the business philosophy of Yi Sunda: “Make customers satisfied machine from the customer’s point of view”.

Everyone, from management to production workers, take care of the concept. We consider ourselves as customers. If I am a customer, would I be willing to buy this machine? If I’m willing to pay for it ,that means it is a good machine. If I’m not willing to pay for it,then machine has some places to improve. based on this point, we carefully study the needs of each customer, attentively produce and test each machine before shipment.

Through 16 years, innovation and heart service is the eternal theme of Yi Sunda. Our customers all over more than 30 countries and regions, our customer recognition reached 96%, many old customers keep returning orders, old customers introduce new customers, new customers are attracted by machine quality and service, price.

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