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Our Henan Vanmay Industry Co., Ltd, which is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, has built a good and high reputation on building the most cost-effective machinery equipment in China. Vanmay is recognized globally as an expert in providing industry leading process design, engineering and manufacturing to a variety of industry machines. Vanmay's expertise has been sought by every of our customers from all over the world from the beginning. All of our Vanmay's machinery equipment are accepted to be custom designed to suit the unique and different usage. Whatever you require, our Vanmay's professional team can design and manufacture your machines for your application. Our Products: Grinding Machine, Feed Machine, Chaff Cutter Machine, Grass/Corn Straw/Wheat Straw/Paddy Straw/Hay/Silage/Forage/Wood Chopper Machine, Corn/Millet/Sorghum Thresher Machine, Rice Mill Machine, Animal Feed Pellet Machine, Animal Feed Grinding/Grinder Machine, Animal Feed Mixer/Mixing Machine, Corn/Wheat... [more]